best keyboard ubder 500

Price: 500/-
Don’t buy a keyboard which is 200-300 why? they are the same but are cheap and they stop working after 10-15 days, whatever I show you in this site, trust me, I won’t post something that is useless or worthless. So don’t worry about my site, some producs review might be high price some may be low, but they are all to work for longer period of time..

  • Spill resistant keyboard design
  • Instant one touch multimedia and internet keys access
  • Noiseless and smooth keystroke for supreme and quiet typing experience
  • UV coated keys to prevent key letters from fading away
  • Mouse DPI: 1000 ; High precision Optical mouse with Zoom in / Zoom out and 1000 DPI tracking
The new Xcite Pro keyboard from Amkette comes with special shortcut keys for quick and easy access to all the popular multimedia and internet functions. With the spill resistant keyboard design and soft feel keys; Amkette Xcite PRO Keyboard provides the supreme comfort and ultimate typing experience.
Amkette Xcite Pro keyboard has a spill resistant body design which means that accidental fluid spilled will not harm the keyboard under limited conditions. With superior silver conductive film, Xcite Pro is designed to give you years of trouble free usage.
One Click access to ensure prompt access to special keys like volume, play/pause, mute and even internet functions easily from the keyboard itself. The special keys stand out from the keyboard in orange color giving a new elegant look to the product.
The keys design is in such way that they hardly make any noise while typing. The soft touch feels keys guarantee a smooth and noiseless typing experience.
The keyboard keys are UV coated, this ensure that the letters on the keys don’t fade away as it happens normally in low quality keyboards.

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